Gary Baker and Gary T. Baker

family business

Driver Frank Stammers with one of the new Mountain Trucking Super Solos

The company that would become Baker Rock Resources began in 1954, when Gary Baker, Sr. (pictured above, left) and his wife, Dal, established a pipe and excavation business in partnership with another couple. The Bakers purchased the partnership outright in 1956, and began quarry operations soon after. The company has been owned and operated by the Baker family ever since.

Running a family business is not always easy. “I can’t remember how many times I quit or was fired,” (second generation owner, pictured above right) Gary T. Baker said. “Eventually, Dad realized I did things differently than he did, and it didn’t matter as long as the job was done and didn’t cost more,” he explained.

Baker Rock expanded further in 1969 when the Bakers started Mountain Trucking, and Gary T. was responsible for its management and growth. The following year, Baker Rock entered the asphalt paving industry.

Today, the third generation of the Baker ownership leads the company. Todd Baker oversees daily operations, just as his father and grandfather did before him.

During our 50-plus years in business, Baker Rock Resources has grown from a company of four or five employees to one that employs approximately 100 on a regular basis (more during construction season). The company includes five locations in Beaverton, Dayton, McMinnville, Molalla, and Scappoose.